March 06, 1992

Glenbrook Recovery Day

The recent Recovery Day at Glenbrook was well supported by club members. 8 cars gethered in the car park at Macca's to join Doctor Rod, Donna and I for a day of useful information on recovering your vehicle.

We were fortunate to have access to some of Sydney's worst 4WDers for examples on the day. On arrival at the start of the track, we came across a lady in a Rocky, stuck in a mud puddle, by herself, with no recovery gear. I couldn't have organised it any better if I tried! After helping her get mobile, we saw a bunch of Toyotas, a pair of Subarus and a Datsun driver all come through, as if on cue, to demonstrate exactly what NOT to do!

The new chums got to see some real recovery in action, including a great display of how NOT to use a power winch. We then got Rod's car stuck (hypothetically of course!) on a rock ledge and tried a couple of different winching setups to see how all the equipment works.

A demonstration was also done of some other pieces of recovery gear including jacks, airbags, chains, straps and shackles.

The main point I kept coming back to all day was that the best form of recovery is a sensible attitude, backed up with good 4WDing technique. Good drivers need recovery less often. It's as simple as that! This seeemingly simplistic viewpoint was proven over and over again during the day. (Driving a Suzuki helps a lot too!)

We went for a drive and put the ideas into practise, especially on the way back when the small creek we crossed had become a major obstacle! Despite a little bit of water in most of the cars, it added a nice element of excitement to the day.

Thanks to all who came along. Most said they got something out of it, so I guess that makes it all worthwhile!

Chris Betcher
March 1992

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