May 22, 1987

Poor Rod's Tent

Through the air the frisbee went.
And in the catch, the catcher leant
Upon Rod’s tent…
And down it went!
I’m sure the tent was never meant
To take such stress, and so it bent
Poor Rod’s tent…
Down it went.
Into the fire the tent pole went.
To heat it up and fix the bent
Poor bent tent.
That never meant!
Then Andrew’s car in circles sent,
Went silly, for the tent it went.
Poor Rod’s tent …
Again it went.

By now the tent was looking bent.
You’d think that someone would invent
Poles for tent
Too strong to dent!

So, "sorry" Rod, about the tent
To bent the tent we never meant.
Poor Rod’s tent.
‘Tent for Rent’.

Chris Betcher
Volume 12. No. 5
May 1987

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